Crying only a little bit 
is no use. You must cry 
until your pillow is soaked! 
Then you can get up and laugh. 
Then you can jump in the shower 
and splash-splash-splash! 
Then you can throw open your window 
and, “Ha ha! ha ha!”
And if people say, “Hey, 
what’s going on up there?”
"Ha ha!" sing back, "Happiness 
was hiding in the last tear! 
I wept it! Ha ha!”


I felt as i suppose an ice cream might feel when hot chocolate sauce is poured over it  


In a letter to his father, he belittled his legal career by writing that he studied law only by default after he failed to find something that was compatible with his “self-absorption” and “vanity.”



A boy told me
if he roller-skated fast enough
his loneliness couldn’t catch up to him,

the best reason I ever heard
for trying to be a champion.

What I wonder tonight
pedaling hard down King William Street
is if it translates to bicycles.

A victory! To leave your loneliness
panting behind you on some street corner
while you float free into a cloud of sudden azaleas,
pink petals that have never felt loneliness,
no matter how slowly they fell.